Dreaming on the Labyrinth - Planting Seeds of Desire
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Dreaming on the Labyrinth - Planting Seeds of Desire

“Dreaming on the Labyrinth” 
Planting Seeds of Desire - a spring renewal day

The beautiful hand-painted canvas Labyrinth  laid out on the floor like a rug will be at the Heart of the day, as we walk, journey with the drum, and gently gather fresh dream messages arising from our soul. The day provides fertile ground to plant our desires and future goals .

The labyrinth is a safe container gently allowing each person to walk its single path at their own pace, no decisions needed ...just step on the path and it leads you to the Heart of the Labyrinth..the center to relax, receive, rest before you return on the same path out.  It is a path of Self-Witnessing, Mindfulness, embodied meditation....a peaceful walk.

Dreamwork and diving into Metaphoric thinking, via Shamanic Dreamwork is a core feature of the day.   Via Dream journey we will be deepening into Mindfulness & higher consciousness we access our souls desires, wisdom, allowing us to find healing and reframe our story.  We invite " Synchronicity " and the magic of group intention to come into action throughout the day.  

Curious about your nightlife? and dreams? This is the day to come and embrace those wild dreams, tame the nightmare that may be bringing you an important message for healing or advice.  ( also check out the class:  Dream Circle a monthly meeting 1st Wed evenings)

We will sample:  

  • Expressive art materials encourage creative expression as we  play with collage materials, "Poetic Play" & sand tray..& more, 
  • Essential Dreaming - practice techniques how to recall and use your night and daydream information, images as guidance for healing and  problem solving. Gather ideas and inspiration for creative actions, a book, a poem, a painting…  We will practice Dream journey to reclaim parts of spirit  split of or wounded long ago, and then by  reframing the story into a Mythic story of  strength & courage we welcome parts of soul back home refreshed. 
  • Essential Moves- mindful movement with breath and sound to gently reconnect to your inate Kinetic Wisdom. Our bodies are responding to Spring's energy to stretch up and forward shaking off the dull edges from winter. 

 What is your favorite color? Wear it or bring it… What is your favorite flower?…What is your favorite bird? or song….Consider the wisdom of the senses.

Recently a Golden Eagle revealed itself to me….stunningly large and regal…
”It is time to for our dreams to take flight…  Be ready for a bit of spring magic.”

Dreaming on the Labyrinth- Plantings Seeds of Desire
SUNDAY APRIL 17, 2019       10:00AM - 5PM 
Location:  TBA
Fee:. $87
age 18-100yrs       SPACE LIMITED              

Bring yoga mat(or 2), blanket, small pillow, snacks, journal & pen, lunch will be on your own, offsite or bring a lunch(refrigerator available)     Coffee and tea provided.  

Registration & questions fill out the form below or  email : heartofthecreative@gmail.com  
Scholarship available after minimum number enrolled. Please write me an email explaining your need.  

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Women's Dream Circle - November

Dream Circle -  

Thurs. NOV 3, 2016,  6:30-8:30pm

Space limited 10 (only 4 spots left)  email to reserve your spot.   heartofthecreative@gmail.com      

private residence in Pleasanton 

Fee: $15 (cash)

Reserve your spot..only 4 spots left
e: heartofthecreative@gmail.com

November  Dream Circle- shamanic dream journey

Dream Circle  gathers during this darkening season to explore our night and day dream adventures . Learn methods to improve  dream recall, decipher  your  dream language, and practical application of dreams to daily life, personal, career, creativity, health and well-being.  So many levels and types of dreams...big dreams, little fun dreams, nightmares, creative solution dreams, traveling dreams....and passionate dreams.  

Have you had any Big dreams?  Do you keep a dream journal? Want to learn more?  

  email : heartofthecreative@gmail.com     and reserve your spot 

Group Events           

 ask about  Individual Dream Consultation  to explore your dreams in-depth


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