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Women's Dream Circle - November

Dream Circle -  

Thurs. NOV 3, 2016,  6:30-8:30pm

Space limited 10 (only 4 spots left)  email to reserve your spot.      

private residence in Pleasanton 

Fee: $15 (cash)

Reserve your spot..only 4 spots left

November  Dream Circle- shamanic dream journey

Dream Circle  gathers during this darkening season to explore our night and day dream adventures . Learn methods to improve  dream recall, decipher  your  dream language, and practical application of dreams to daily life, personal, career, creativity, health and well-being.  So many levels and types of dreams...big dreams, little fun dreams, nightmares, creative solution dreams, traveling dreams....and passionate dreams.  

Have you had any Big dreams?  Do you keep a dream journal? Want to learn more?  

  email :     and reserve your spot 

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 ask about  Individual Dream Consultation  to explore your dreams in-depth