Essential Creativity

an Artist's Way- 8wks series for Self-Discovery & Breaking Creativity & Life Blocks.

  $50 Holds YOUR SPOT  NOW!

This is my FAVORITE CLASS to Teach since 1999

Based on the Artist's Way..we dive into the practice that Re-Ignites your Creative Spirit! Each week we release what no longer serves us and use Creativity projects to fill our soul . Make and create as you break free of Creative Blocks learn how to “Spark Joy”. Discover your secret Talents and unique gifts. 

Includes Expressive Art Activities including image-making, Poetic word play, intuitive collage, All Art materials included. This class is  truly inspiring!  Discover new friends, laugh, dream and create!

8 Wednesdays 6:30-8pm April 17-June 5, 2019 Lake Oswego -  limited class size.                
$247 all art materials included. DEPOSIT $50 to hold your spot - non-refundable -Returning students get $30 discount

Bring your copy of The Artist's Way,  a journal and pen.   All Bonus Creative activities & in class Art supplies included.        

Registration fee $247. (in class art materials included)                      
$50 deposit to reserve your space. Balance due upon first class. Limited size !  NO REFUNDS once class begins. Deposit  may be used for future session, class , workshops or individual coaching.

For registration or questions, email:   

Private residence Lake Oswego. Address given upon registration. Please note that location has stairs and no elevator.    

Embrace and Explore your Artistic Spirit!
Are you Ready for a Fresh  "Re-boot" of your Creativity?  Re-awaken your senses and Re-kindle your creative spark to Re-connect with your  inner artist, writer, adventurer, poet or  inventor? 

Essential Creativity  is a condensed version of the classic Artist Way Process…with expanded activities. We will do chapter work and  Expressive Arts in each class to  discover  your  unique style and talents..This  process rapidly breaks  your creativity blocks allowing your Inner Intuitive Spirit to build confidence and shine.  No artistic experience or skills needed.

 Each  weekly lesson and added activities  will help you  Identify old patterns  and build new habits to ignite your  spark. Discover  how to best Nurture & Feed your inner she a writer, painter, poet, photographer, scientist,doodler, singer or business manager. Based on the  principles of The Artist’s Way, this unique  class incorporates journaling with added " in-class" ESSENTIAL CREATIVITY expressive arts / creative activities building your self-confidence,  through self-reflection and craft.  You will be Empowered  to leap into your heart’s and artistic desires. This  proven method developed by Julia Cameron, has been successfully used by writers, artists, actors, singers, songwriters, photographers, therapists and students! The class is a safe, friendly environment to explore dreams & desires and begin to live your best creative life.  No artistic experience necessary.

Questions  Wondering if the class is right for you? Email me so we can chat to find out. Very Limited class size to ensure an in-depth experience. Tea/water will be available.

One-on-One Artist's Coaching available for professional artist’s- creative blocks, the Business of art, prepping for a show issues, prizing your art... -- email for information and fees. Free initial call for info.

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Dreaming on the Labyrinth              

Jan Mahood, ma                    (sounds like May-hood)

 SPEAKER  &                         Workshop  Facilitator   

Previous Speaking Events:                                      2018 West Coast Women's Symposium   San Luis Obispo, CA

Oncology Social Workers Retreat,OR

Senior Grief Support, Pleasanton CA

Sandra Wing Healing Therapies, CA






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Labyrinth walking gently opens up the cracks and crevices of our imagination, revealing our inner knowing through metaphor, images & our senses

The beautiful Labyrinth will be at the Heart of the day, as we walk, journey with the drum and gently gather fresh dream messages arising from our soul. The labyrinth is an ancient tool for meditation, mindfulness and opening to higher consciousness simply by walking. Just like nature we are resting before awakening to the energy of spring that will bring forth new life and creative ideas that will need tending to with care and attention. The day provides fertile ground to receive and discover what we want to plant -our desires, wishes and future goals.

Learn & practice Essential Dreaming techniques and how to recall and use the information and images as guidance for healing, problem solving. Gather ideas and inspiration for creative actions, a book, a painting... Dream journey to reclaim parts of your spirit wounded long ago, by reclaiming and reframing the story into strength and wholeness.

Enjoy individual time for reflection, writing, drawing & resting deep into the Heart of your Soul’s wisdom for rejuvenation. Come dressed for comfort & warmth. 

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Labyrinth Walks & onsite Retreats

 A beautiful 24'x 24' canvas labyrinth is used for mindfulness events…group retreats, onsite events, hospice, yoga retreats, weddings, blessings.

I am a Certified Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator, & member of the Worldwide Labyrinth Project. Trained by founder Dr. Lauren Artress at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco 1999 . Global Healing Response Facilitator

Find my labyrinth on the www.Worldwide Labyrinth Locator site.

For registration or questions, email:   

Onsite Labyrinth walks are available for  Team Building, a  Mindfulness practice, Conflict Resolution, Creative Problem Solving and  Team Building and Retreats

Each onsite experience is catered to your group’s needs and intention. Each walk includes information how  the labyrinth is used as a walking meditation path for stress reduction and self -reflection Globally. This ancient tool is perfect for our current digital era allowing our minds to quiet, promoting creative thinking, deep calm, mindfulness and connectivity with the planet. Walking the curves and turns Activate both hemispheres of the brain allowing you to access higher thinking & consciousness.  The workshop includes a group walk on a beautiful handprinted canvas modified labyrinth, with music, time for self reflective work and group discussion.

Onsite 1-2hr min. 



Dream Circle:          

Ongoing 1st Mondays-7-8:30pm                      $10 per session
Lake Oswego,OR      

em: for  location   

We all Dream... come join a casual and fun way to work with and learn about your dreams.

Do you want to learn methods to improve  dream recall, learn your own dream language, and practical application of dreams to daily life, including helping kids with nightmares? Your dreams offer insights and guidance into your personal life, career, creativity, health and well-being.  We often receive clues to what is happening the next day.        

We all have nightly adventures and there is so much wisdom to bring back to our waking life.  Some dreams are healing, sometimes  see a loved one who has passed, and even pets. Often an adventurous dream can give us clues and perspective on our jobs & co-workers.  Many inventions have been seen in dreams and made real.  Do you keep a dream journal by your bed? Do this and record your dreams. Start now--this is the best way to get better at recalling and watching how your life is in sync with your dreams.  

1st Mondays 7-8:30pm space limited to 8 

Learn More at home or office? Gather together a group of your friends for a two hour dive into the DreamTime.  You will return with juicy clues, images and vibrant stories to tell.  We will explore the dreams as they apply to your real daily life and work. You will lean how to honor your dreams or act on the dream advice. You, "the dreamer"  is always the expert on what their dream means! Your dream is your story, your message... you will know what 'feels' true. With time and practice you will develop your own personal dream dictionary or your 'markers' and meanings. This is how I have learned to take head of certain dram images that have be pre-cognitive to seismic activity of very large proportions.  


Private Dream Session

Individual Dream Phone Consultation
Book a personal phone chat and get Quick feedback and harvest information from your dream. Potent Dreams deserve immediate attention and have potentially very valuables clues and insights about your personal life, health, work, relationship, spiritual guidance or fantastic creative ideas…We will chat on the phone and within minutes we can dive into your nights dream to uncover the gifts and messages within your dream.

email: to set up a phone consult time  private Phone consultation      choose:  $20  15 min   $30 30min    $50 1hr             

Shamanic Dream Healing Session- remote and in person …. Re-set your energy field, release and clear attachments, facilitate healing of old wounds and traumas. Energetic healing works in person and remotely….thought, prayer, vibrational healing work is can be done via a shift of space and time…

l use my drum to guide me on a Shamanic dream journey to find and release old or stuck energy….I gather your lost energy, use vibration of the drum to shift the old pattern to realign your spirit and energetic filed for Wholeness and vibrant wellbeing. The session helps you reclaim and align with your authentic Whole self.

One client had been in a car accident several years ago resulting in injuries that caused pain and injury to her extremity, away from the initial point of trauma. In the shamanic healing dream journey I saw a large whale with a long rope attached to its tail with a heavy weight at the end dragging the whale down..I worked visually and energetically to untie the rope… .releasing the weight from the whale and from the painful situation so it could surface and breather easy. It was an odd metaphor but the situation was a large “whale of an issue that had been dragging on in her life. She identified with the imagery of freeing the whale from this rope and soon was working with a new doctor and had her foot treated and more body work . After many months she got great news that her foot that was previously scheduled for surgery no longer needed it… When we release and shift old traumatic energetic attachments our lost power returns and our body can self-align …our energy flows freely and a shift takes place..our ‘whole’ self heals..spiritually and physically.

 Remote session includes initial phone consult; followup phone call and email with information and healing imagery gathered from the journey for you to continue working with as your realign and release blocks and attachments.        

 Remote healing  phone: $50  In person: $85 session